U-Skin is the scalable and consistent artificial human skin model
three-dimensionally reconstructed through 3D bioprinting

Key features

Approaches- On-demand 3D Bio-printed skin tissue
Time Period to obtain a layered skin-like structure- approximately 2 weeks (save time on dermal production)
Reproducibility- improved reproducibility
Skin morphology and characteristics- 3 dimensional human skin Model
- Epidermis(stratified)+Dermis
- Approximating the barrier of normal human skin
Shape and dimensions of skin tissue- Retaining form (dimensions) and shape of skin tissue
Pigmentation- Pigmentation was shown without UV or chemical stimuli, thus increasing production efficiency
- 3D Bio Printing the MC in Square area or in a single spot
Manufacturing Techniques- Easy alternatives for construction of various skin tissues-of-interest
- Easily viable adjustment for skin thickness
- Multifarious depth and shape of skin blemishes(such as ephelides, nevus)
- ALI-free protocols
Batch production- Possible with simultaneous batch printing (a set of minimum 6; scalable)

U-Skin Models

Full thickness skin model

U-FTM is a three dimensionally reconstructed skin which consists of a dermal equivalent with human fibroblasts overlaid by a stratified, well differentiated epidermis derived from normal human keratinocytes, and maintains the shape and size without reducing or drying the tissue during the incubation period.

Epidermis skin model

U-EM is a reconstructed human epidermis from normal human keratinocytes cultured on a collagen matrix.

Pigmented full-thickness skin model

U-PFTM is composed of the epidermis with human keratinocytes and dermis with human fibroblasts in the presence of melanocytes without projecting external ultraviolet rays or chemical stimulation.

Pigmented Epidermis skin model

U-PEM is composed of normal human keratinocytes cultured on a collagen matrix and cultivated in the presence of melanocytes.

Epidermal Dermal Junction skin model

U-EDJM is a full-thickness skin model containing an epidermal dermal junction (RR like structure crucial for the skin aging process)

Hair Follicle skin model

U-HFM is U-EDJM is a full thickness skin model containing hair follicle and pore